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Many of these articles and press clippings were written by Tony Kiss.   In the beginning he was an intern at the Kingsport Times-News. He is currently the Entertainment Editor for the Asheville Citizen-Times, and is a very well-known journalist in Western, NC and surrounding areas. Tony has been so kind as to submit an article describing his experience, that memorable evening in Gray, Tennessee; with our favorite "Wildman" behind the controls of the coolest station around.

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Industry Quotes

Many years ago - in those dark days before days before MTV, CDs or anyone even whispered the name Britney Spears - a gravely- voiced radio wild man ruled the regional FM airwaves every Saturday night, from the stroke of 12 a.m. until the first light of Sunday morning.

The Tennessee Midnight Rambler was the most popular and outrageous radio personality of his day, at least to lucky listeners of WQUT-FM/101.5 in Johnson City, Tenn., which beamed a powerful rock signal through East Tennessee, into Asheville, and beyond. From 1975 through 1982, the Rambler pounded out the rock music and commentary. And then, he was gone, as video killed the radio star.

Because the Rambler was basically a rock and roll superhero, it's not surprising that the story of his disappearance is equally amazing. As the tale goes, the Rambler went into mourning after the death of his beloved dog, then wandered into the mountains where he was frozen alive.

Excerpt from: Tony Kiss of Citizens-Times.Com 

Who had “The Outrage?” Was it Rick Garrigues? (That was co-opted from the “Tennessee Midnight Rambler” out of Johnson City, Tennessee, but then, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, eh Buffalo Bob? [I think as I look to the sky]).

Excerpt from:  Ambrahl Redleatherjacket of the Hopi Nation
Buffalo Bob's Remembrance Rant or the WUVT Alumni Page 

One of my early jobs was working as a disc jockey for WQUT in the early '80s. That's where I met Dave [Carter] as we worked alongside each other in an era of "Album Rock" radio. That was a time before computers chose the play list and the personalities had a warm, Bohemian quality. It was a time for names like Bergeron, Worm, Candy and who can forget The Tennessee Midnight Rambler?

Excerpt from:   David Cate - Kingsport Times-News

In my humble opinion, Matt Foley [SNL's late Chris Farley] is/was the best motivational speaker of the previous 15 years; He and I had worked hand-in-hand - not bathing or answering phones for days; eating only the occasional bowl of chili or a #2 size can of pears.........Tuna on ridged chips was our prime sustenance.....THE PROBLEM was (despite our success)....We were plagued by the lingering presence of the Rambler and his dissertations...

Excerpt from:  Lorne Michaels  From NEW YORK CITY, US of A

Kind of our NYC gig - easy for a Tennessee guy to say. A splendid time fer sure. we got a lotta friends in this town. Incredibly disappointed that we had no time to go into the city. But Hoboken was great. Maxwell's is superb.  A high point of this trip.  It is a thrill every time we play 'Gettin' Higher'  to watch the crowd raise their hands and sing along at the end.  Another late night drive listening to The Tennessee Midnight Rambler all the while.

Excerpt from: The Shazam News 2003 Tour 

Any of you old geezers out there who remember climbing up on top of your house back in the late 70 to install a junk TV antenna and aiming it at Johnson City (or messing around with FM antenna amplifiers that amplified the noise along with the signal) and jacking in to a reel-to-reel and lighting up a fat one at midnight to get ready for the Tennessee Midnight Rambler show will appreciate this.

Excerpt from:  Hank IV -  South Knox Bubba 

While visiting a friend in Bristol, TN in 1978 I happened to hear the Rambler. He was playing chain-saw rock and screaming about how I had "that ol' disco" in me and "couldn't take no rock and roll" and was one of "the awfullest yunguns" he ever did see. I was an ass kicking all night announcer myself, but The Rambler made me sound like Shirley Temple.

Excerpt from:  Patrick Garrett -  Pat's Radio Page


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